Teachers or interns interested in participating in TEWS should use download information. Write or call us at:

Attn: Teacher/Intern Application Request TEWS PO BOX 890267 Houston, TX 77289 281.486.7918


Download a Teacher Application now.

Download an Intern Application now.

Be sure to follow the instructions. Applications must be received by March 25, 2005. Applications MAY NOT be submitted online or via email.

Don't be late for TEWS 2005!!
Application Deadlines:
US students - April 10, 2005
International students - April 15, 2005
Teachers and Interns - March 25, 2005

Processing Requirements:
All applications and essays must be handwritten by the applicant ... YOU!

AND, only completed packets will be reviewed.

Got a question?
Call us at 281-486-7918


Email us at info@jemisonfoundation.org


Write us at
P.O. Box 890267
Houston, TX 77289