TEWS 2000
TEWS 2000

In 2017, understanding the status, conditions, concerns, potential, and ambition of those who will live the majority of their lives in the next century is critical. Why? So that adults now can work to build a world that provides our children with the best chances to meet the challenges and possibilities of the future!


Listening to the Future, was an International Survey of middle and secondary school students representing industrialized, middle income and developing countries. Survey questions focused on the greatest concerns, fears, hopes and predictions for the next 50-100 years.

"What do youth believe adults can do or should do to best prepare the world, society and young people?" "Where do adults make the grade?" "In what areas is society failing and where do we need the most work?" The survey will also ascertain youths' beliefs about the role of science and technology literacy in the present and in the future.

Shaping the World, the International Essay Contest focused students' attention on the interaction between society, science, technological development and human responsibility.

Eight essay contest winners from around the world were selected as TEWS 2000 Envoys of the Future. The winners traveled to Chicago with an adult chaperone, all expenses paid, to host the International Internet Youth Conference and attend the Millennium Gala.

Earth On-Line, International Internet Youth Conference on the eve of the Millennium Gala , focused on science, technology, society and human responsibility. During this day-long event (24 hours) young people around the world shared ideas, stories, images and solutions for issues that surfaced as the most distressful and the most hopeful from the survey. Muhammad Ali and Dr. Mae Jemison were live guests on-line.

Official TEWS 2000 International Internet Youth Conference sites were established in locations across the United States and other parts of the world. Individual participants were also able to log on from their computers at home, work or school.

The Reality Leads Fantasy Millennium Gala in Chicago highlighted the need for adults to commit to forge a legacy of action, understanding and vision to pass on to future generations.