The International Science Camp
The Earth We Share™ 2005
TEWS ‘05


Cornell University
Ithaca, New York
July 1 through 29, 2005

This summer, meet students and teachers from around the world!

Share your ideas, culture and dreams while coming up with solutions to real world global dilemmas.

4 week residential camp for students 12-16 years old.



A month long residential camp (meaning you live on site away from home), The Earth We Share™ runs from the end of June until the end of July. Each year TEWS brings together folks, just like you to work in teams to discover:

The Fountain of Youth—Should We Live Forever?
How Many People Can the Earth Hold?
Develop a Sustainable Global Energy System
Design an Underwater Habitat
Predict the Hot Public Stocks of the Year 2030

The Earth We Share™ helps students learn about science, technology and our world in a fun way—you do it—not just the rote memorization we all get used to in school.

While searching for global solutions to worldwide problems, TEWS’ participants apply and gain not only science and technology but also environmental, cultural, political and social knowledge and experience as well. Through ‘Discovery Topics’™ and the “Discovery Process”™ students are taught, “if we really want to know something, we can find it ourselves, researching, studying and taking it seriously.” In other words, TEWS is a “meaningful science experience” that can stay with you throughout your entire life.


C’mon y’all we know there’s other stuff out there. Here’s a few other neat activities we do when taking a break from solving the world’s problems…

"Radio TEWS" Whenever possible, you get the chance to tell the world what you’re doing, why and how, and the weather forecast you came up with using your own measurements made on site. Throw in a bit about where you come from and we get a feast of entertainment for yourself, the locals and your fellow students.

"Night Sky" maintains the "wonder" we each feel when we look at the sky. You’ll learn to identify constellations, visit observatories at night to view planets and the moon and to learn about astronomy.

"Sports Program" includes basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, running, soccer, ultimate Frisbee and weight training as well as anything you want to teach each other because “to be wise you must exercise.”

"Guest Teachers" You get to meet some pretty neat people, from astronauts to gastroenterologists, from electrical engineers to college professors, and from computer and simulation experts to NASA space suit technicians, and people like the Director of the U.S. Office of Space Commerce and the Director of Mission Safety and Assurance at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center… the list goes on... All these people use science and technology in their everyday lives and will be there to talk to, ask questions of and, of course, to hang out with some pretty cool students from around the world!

"Field Trips" Get real hands on experience with your problem by deciding yourself where you should go to get help solving your problem. Past trips organized by students have included a local recycling center, a nearby beach to gather samples, a stock broker, local shopping centers to conduct surveys and the Chicago Police Headquarters. Day trips are also organized to sites of interest in the area like our trip to New York City where we visited and toured the United Nations, the World Trade Center, the American Museum of Natural History, a static display of a NASA T-38 supersonic jet, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum,… the possibilities are endless.

"Cultural Program" Tell us about your home… Where do you come from? With students from Ghana, Ireland, Sierra Leone, Barbados, Sweden, India, Puerto Rico, England, China etc., and of course all over the U.S., the answers to this question are fascinating. Students become teachers, teaching about distant cultures and taking us on a fantastic whirlwind journey around the world!